About Us

About Us

At Shimano Cycling World, visitors can view, walk through and interact with a multitude of cycling exhibits including a moving piece of installation art. They can also explore cycling paths in Singapore; and upload trip journals and share images.

The Shimano Cycling World is more than a showcase of bicycles. As an experiential center, it aims to enrich and develop the local cycling culture and promote cycling as a lifestyle in Singapore. It also serves to heighten awareness on the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of cycling.

Collection1 Exhibits3

                                          Exhibitions                                                                                    Interactive Technologies

The vast world of cycling is displayed through a collection                Visitors are invited to explore our various high resolution interactive

of bicycles. Visitors can pull them out one by one to                          technologies that introduces global cycling experiences, local

appreciate the diversity of bicycles. This part of the                           cycling route and Park Connector Network (PCN) and the history

Shimano Cycling World promotes the values and joys of                  and development of bicycles.

cycling, filled with nostalgia and anticipation of the

future of cycling.