6 Things to Prepare Before your Ride

6 Things to Prepare Before your Ride

If you are new to cycling and are wondering what are the necessary items to bring along with you for your adventure?!

No worries! Here, we have came out with 6 things that you should consider bringing for your rides. 

1. Helmet

Wearing a helmet while cycling is compulsory in Singapore. As it effectively protects your head from serious brain injury upon any accidents. Also, it serves as a protection to keep your head cool on the hottest days. Before riding, check your helmet to ensure that there are no cracks on the surface.

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2. Basic repair and maintenance kit 

The kit should include a spare inner tube, tire levers, patch kit, mini-pump and a folding multi-tool. These tools are meant to solve the common bike problems such as tire puncture that you might face while cycling.

3. First aid kit 

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The kit should include band aids, alcohol wipes, insect repellent, gloves, etc… This kit is necessary for the small injuries for not only yourselves but also other cyclists that you may encounter while cycling.

4. Water and light snacks 

You should always bring a water bottle along with you to avoid dehydration and level up your energy no matter long or short rides. Also, a light snack like energy bar is necessary for boosting your energy during the rides.

5. Sun protection 

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It is important to have some precautions while you are cycling under hot sun. Choosing light color clothing such as white or yellow is able to reflect the sunlight away from the skin. Also, applying sunblock help to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. 

6. Money and mobile phone 

Credit: The Straits Times

You should always carry small notes along with you whether for a meal, snacks and drink or to purchase a small part in the bicycle shop. Nowadays, mobile payments have become popular and more convenient therefore mobile phones are necessary for emergency use not only to call for a ride or to the nearest bike shop for repair but also to make the purchase.

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Last but not least, you should also bring a small lock along to secure and prevent bike theft when you are away to buy things or go toilet.

Before going for the ride, you should do a final check to inspect your bike. Below are the basic check-lists that we have come out for you.

  • Check for the tire pressure and condition to make sure they are inflated and have no punctures.
  • Test for the brakes and shifting to make sure they are working properly.
  • Check for the front and rear wheel quick releases are fully secured
  • Ensure that saddle and handlebar are in appropriate height
  • Ensure that light (if attached) on the bike is bright and visible

Published by May Sabai Htwe, 26 January 2021