5 UCI Rules You Might Not Know

Union Cycliste Interntionale (UCI), also known as International Cycling Union in English, is the world governing body for sports cycling. The UCI manages international competitions which includes the enforcement of disciplinary rules.

Spanning 304 page long, the UCI Cycling Regulation is one comprehensive document. It encompasses rules and regulations that could result in fines and penalties. Amongst them are interesting tidbits you might not know!

1. UCI-compliant kit during podium ceremony

Ever wondered why riders aren’t clothed in full-glamourous outfit during their proud podium ceremony? Besides offending sponsors, wearing UCI-compliant clothing is written in the rule book. If seen in non-UCI-compliant clothing – both rider and sport director in charge would be fined.

2. Inflatable structures only allowed at start line

In 2016’s Tour de France, a spectator’s belt was caught amongst a cable that kept the inflatable structure upright – this caused the banner to collapse, resulting in Adam Yates four stitches chin injury! Ouch! UCI has since banned inflatable structures anywhere on the road except for the start line.

3. No bikes below 6.8kg

(Credit: Cycling Weekly)

Everybody knows – the lighter the bike, the faster it goes. Ever since then, the cycling industry was adamant about creating extremely lightweight bikes, oftentimes compromising on the integrity of the frame. To ensure the safety of the riders, UCI opted to put a stop to these even lighter bikes.

4. No Supertuck

The supertuck position refers to when a cyclist lowers their pelvis onto their top tubes to improve aerodynamics, resulting in them going even faster while descending. This dangerous maneuver had drawn adoration from many, some argue that impressionable amateurs may imitate and end up badly hurt.

5. No bunny hopping on sidewalks

A truly remarkable moment in Tour de Oman 2014, when Peter Sagan bunny hopped over a sidewalk to better attack on a roundabout. This swagger move ended up being illegal, according to the UCI. Unfortunately, the use of sidewalks that are not part of the race route results in points penalty.