4 Hacks to Make Your Ride Better

Riding should never feel like a dread, but sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated. Especially if the ride and setup is uncomfortable. Here are 4 hacks that will make your ride better!

1. Double Wrapping

If you’re feeling lots of road vibrations or numbness in your hands while riding, simply double wrap your bar tape to soak up the impact! Side note, this is a hack that’s been used by pros too!

2. Grip it up!

This is for all of you mountain bikers – if you find your water bottle rattling while riding, try wrapping a strip of skateboard grip tape around your bottle cage!

3. Wider tire?

The increased volume of a wider tire will provide better cushioning and protection from rough surfaces and obstacles on the road. So go ahead and fit wider tires (without clearance issues of course!) for a more comfortable ride!

4. Get a bike fit

Despite all the hacks available, if you still find riding uncomfortable – perhaps investing in a professional bike fit may be a valuable option. Essentially, a professional bike fitter will fine-tune all adjustments to tailor the setup specifically for you. This includes saddle height, saddle position, reach, handlebar height, so on and so forth.

Getting your bike fitted can prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of injury in the long run too!

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